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Curated by Nathan Spoor
Copro Gallery - Santa Monica, CA
Group Exhibition

August 16 - September 6, 2014

Copro Gallery presents the major summer group exhibition, Suggestivism: Chronology. This exhibit, curated by noted artist and author Nathan Spoor, features 42 of the new contemporary art scene's most talented and intriguing painters. The concept of Suggestivism hinges on the originality of artists that remain true to their voice or creative calling - artists that make every effort to outdo themselves and shy away from derivative or expected content. Suggestivism has been the focus of several exhibitions curated by Spoor, both gallery and museum exhibits that seek to introduce a common creative thread that exists amongst several strong and unique voices within the modern art world.

Spoor first engaged the concept and usage of the term, "Suggestivism", during his graduate school days as a way to conceptualize his vibrant and engaging style of work. Once the internet gained popularity and more thorough searches could be made of scanned books, Spoor made the discovery that art historian Sadakichi Hartmann has actually used the term 'suggestivism' in his critical art texts. Hartmann's writings between 1890-1902 assert his certainty that the modern ideal of " an art that is possibly more than it seems, or possibly an art that is not what it seems" had begun to take hold (as documented by Jane Calhoun Weaver in the introduction to Hartmann's influential book: Critical Modernist: Collected Art Writings). Hartmann noted the works of some of the most influential artists and writers of the day such as Edgar Allen Poe, Arthur B. Davies and Georges Seurat were living embodiments of the true spirit of Suggestivism. Hartmann quite deftly sums up the power of their efforts by historically saying that "the suggestive style was one of poetic mysticism and psychological intensity."

As California State University Fullerton's acting director Mike McGee says in the forward to the 2011 book, Suggestivism: "Indeed, there are a number of similarities between Hartmann's suggestivists and the artists Spoor claims under his contemporary suggestivist umbrella. One of the most notable parallels is the relationship of these two groups of artists to the prevailing aesthetic tides of their respective times." As modern exhibitions reveal many impressive voices within the New Contemporary Art movement - none are complete without the allure and vitality that Suggestivism brings to the conversation. According to Spoor, the conversation of Suggestivism is an ongoing and growing one: "As artists, we accept our roles as explorers into unknown territories. We encourage inspirations and suggestions whenever and wherever they might appear. We accept that our creative destination is defined by a series of journeys and illuminations; our days are invitations to the suggestions that exist as well as the adventures yet to be."



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