ArtScene (print / online)
Liz Goldner
March 2011

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“Suggestivism,” curated by 30-something artist Nathan Spoor, is a potpourri of paintings by more than 50 contemporary artists, nearly all of whom have worked assiduously at figurative painting. Along with a few abstract pieces, these address lowbrow, surreal, otherworldly, fantasy and sci fi themes. These works by Sandow Birk, Ron English, Bob Dob, Nathan Spoor and many more are intensely attractive given the predominance of bright colors, jarring juxtaposition of themes and outrageous subject matter. Included are “Anapeallegry” by Todd Schorr, a Gorilla in a pink bunny suit, hawking Easter baskets; Nicoletta Ceccoli’s “Casting Pearls,” a delicate girl doll walking a clothed pig; “Deer,” a fantasy two-headed deer by Liz McGrath; and “Suddenly,” by Spoor, a detailed town infused with light, shadows, water, symbolism and connectivity, the latter subject to interpretation by the viewer. The best piece in the show, the huge acrylic and collage “Almost Complete Manifest” by Brendan Monroe, is of a human figure perhaps being formed out of mud. Spoor writes about “Suggestivism, “Through the mere power of suggestion, the magic is transferred from one to another, engaging the world at large from the most vivid and evocative of visual realms.” The magic and movement among the realms, along with the careful craft in individual works, results in a lowbrow-art inspired show that engages, amuses and occasionally shocks the viewer (CSUF Grand Central Art Center, Orange County).